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Welcome and Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Naoto working as freelance content marketer and I’m currently studying Psychology which relate to marketing in graduate school at Melbourne university.
I’m passionate, hardworking, creative, detail-oriented. And I focus on number, facts and logic. I’m crazy about learning human behavior. Since I’m studying psychology I understand how people think, behave, feel, and make decision. These help me to create attractive and persuasive contents.

In my blog I share useful and valuable information about content marketing with you.I mainly write about content marketing.
What is different from other blogs is that I focus on the relation between Psychology and content marketing.
So this blog tells you all about content marketing such as how content marketing works, the strategy for content marketing, how to apply psychology to marketing and so forth..

This blog is great for people who:
・want to get more customers
・want to boost and increase sales
・want to increase brand awareness for your products or services
・want to increase traffic in your website
・are interested in content marketing
・are trying to start content marketing


  • Name: Naoto
  • Skill: Creativity, detail-oriented, great writing and communication, analytics.
  • Job: Content marketer(freelancer)
  • Occupation: Grad student (Psychology)
  • Degree: French and Psychology
  • Hobby: Meditation, Jogging, Hiking, climbing mountain and coffee

I constantly deliver new and valuable information about content marketing

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Contact: nao.health045@gmail.com

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