4 Benefits of content marketing

As you know, content marketing is marketing approach which deliver valuable and useful information to attract people to your products or services, and finally leads them to purchase. But some people probably wondering what the benefits of content marketing. It is true that content marketing has both advantages and disadvantages I’d love to tell you 4 benefits of content marketing.

1 Build brand awareness and trust

One of the benefits is that you can build brand awareness and trust. The content you created tells people about your company or services, which help people to understand what your company is and what you are selling. For example, you are running a cafe store and creating a content describing the concept of your cafe store, which coffee beans or milk you are using or the background of your store. That helps you increase brand awareness and build trust.

2 Less cost

The next thing is that content marketing doesn’t require too much expenses except for production cost. Of course when you start creating a content you need to spend some money on that. But unlike advertisement there is no need to pay after creating contents, which means you can save money. And the more people visit your website and see your content the more likely your website will be the top in search engine ranking.

3 A Content becomes your asset

Once you create your original content it will remain on your website or the internet permanently. It gives a lots of chance to people to see your content and allow you to approach customers or prospects. Creating contents is better than advertising because advertising require you keep paying much money. And once advertising stops it will be really hard to approach people because advertisement doesn’t show up on the website unless you pay money.

4 Leads to sales

Creating valuable and useful content and providing people with that can help you to increase sales because people have a chance to know products or services which you are selling and people like to purchase products from someone they are familiar with. So people who looked at your content are more likely to buy products from you in the future because they know who you are and what you are selling.

In conclusion, I talked about 4 benefits: Build brand awareness and trust, Less cost, Becoming your asset and sales. I hope those are helpful for you.
And next time I will talk about drawbacks of content marketing.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Published by Naoto. k

Hi, I'm Naoto working as freelance content marketer and studying Psychology in graduate school at Melbourne uni. I understand human behavior which help marketing job. I'm crazy about jogging, meditation, hiking and climbing. Every morning start with cardio followed by push-ups. I also enjoy coffee. I make coffee by myself.

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